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Field backpack "Kuzmitch SGB" (SAW Grab Bag) from P1G-Tac

Field backpack "Kuzmitch SGB" (SAW Grab Bag) is a multifunctional field bag that is designed by GDT "Kuzmich" and Vyacheslav Galva. SAW Grab Bag is designed for machine gunners, military doctors, sappers, demolition man, breachers. The basic idea which is built-in into the design of the SAW Grab Bag is allow to extract worn gear from the main compartment and all exterior pockets without taking the bag off your shoulders using only one hand. Such an arrangement of basic elements of the bag (compartments, pockets, shoulder and waist fastening systems) creates a lot of benefits during combat use of equipment.
To remove the ammunition or equipment out of the "Kuzmitch SGB" bag you need only:
  • open Fastex buckle at the waist belt;
  • open one of Fastex buckles on the shoulder strap;
  • use one hand to turn the bag (do not remove) from the back to the chest;
  • for the opening of the main compartment pull quick opening strap system;
  • remove the extra ammo or worn equipment;
  • to quickly adapt the bags to the stowed position (behind you), you just turn the bag back.
Arrangement of the field bag "Kuzmitch SGB" allows you to conveniently place in the main compartment, which has a system of fast access to content, 5 machinegun belts of 100 rounds for machine gun caliber PK/PKM 7,62x54 (or similarly sized ammunition in machinegun belts or packs) in separate pouches "Kuzmitch SGP" (SAW Grab Pouch) (holds machinegun belt for 100 rds.). These pouches "Kuzmitch SGP" completely exclude folding the tapes and unmask rattling sound. While reloading SAW Grab Pouch for 100 rounds extracted out of the bag in one motion (one hand), and feeding of belt is carried out directly from the pouch. Thus, the gunner can comfortably transport six machinegun belts (600 bullets) for his machine gun at the ready for rapid use condition. In addition, the main compartment of the "Kuzmitch SGB" bag allows you to store machinegun belts for gun without additional pouches. In this case the main compartment can hold up to 800 rounds 7,62x54 (or similar caliber), packed in a belt.
The main compartment of "Kuzmitch SGB" field bag (SAW Grab Bag) has MOLLE attachments on the two inner surfaces of the bag. Main compartment of the bag can be opened fully in one motion. For this purpose it has YKK zipper and special straps for quick opening (located on the top panel of the outer bag). Thus, the user can get access to the entire contents of the main compartment "Kuzmitch SGB" bag (SAW Grab Bag) without removing it from the shoulder. Quick opening straps made for lefties and right-handed. MOLLE attachment loops in the main compartment bags arranged both horizontally and vertically which allows comfortable and personally place additional equipment and fix it. This option is very important for the military field medics, rescuers, and sappers.
The main compartment of the "Kuzmitch SGB" bag allows you to carry in it a compact automatic machine guns and pistols (AKS-74U, MP-5, etc.) in a ready for use position. The fast opening system allows you to quickly retrieve the weapons, using only one hand. Thus, a field bag "Kuzmitch SGB" can be used as a tactical bag for operatives and civilian gun owners for concealed carry of compact long-barreled weapons and operational self-defense weapons.
Interior dimensions of the main compartment bag "Kuzmitch SGB" is: 52x34x14 cm (20x13.6x5.6 inches). Adjustable shoulder system (shoulder sling) of "Kuzmitch SGB" bag has an enhanced dampener and ventilated inserts that make it comfortable to carry heavy equipment. The shoulder sling adapted for left-handed and right-handed users, which creates additional convenience for applying of weapons to shoulder (locate weapon on the shoulder that is not used for the sling). On the shoulder sling you can find two attachment points. These fastening points are located under special angle and have a quick fastening system and emergency release (YKK buckle). Due to these straps and adjustment system, you can get optimal and secure fit of "Kuzmitch SGB" bag over the entire area of the back, which is important during active movements
At the top of the shoulder straps there are MOLLE straps that allows you to add additional pouches or equipment to the sling. The fastening and carrying system of the backpack also includes a waist belt. The belt opens using quick opening YKK buckle. It has adjustable length. In addition, it equipped with a MOLLE system that allows you to place additional equipment on the belt. If necessary, the waist belt can be hidden in a special pocket that is located on the back of the bag and the bag can be used without waist belt.
The back area of "Kuzmitch SGB" field bag has 3D-AirMesh ventilation damper. Along the back area there are two additional "cushion" with damper inserts. This system create a special channel for constant air circulation. Under the back area of "Kuzmitch SGB" back is placed hydration pocket (YKK zipper), which can be used to carry hydration system like "Camelback" up to three liters or equipment of similar size.
On the upper part of the field bag "Kuzmitch SGB" there are transport handle and two holes for water system or radio antennas. On the outer part of the bag "Kuzmitch SGB" there are two multi purpose organizer pockets (large and small) with multiple internal compartments that allow you comfortably place the personal equipment, communications, navigation, and so on. On the outer side surfaces located universal pockets with two internal compartments. You can open all pockets using only one hand. On the outside of the bag "Kuzmitch SGB" there are four straps (two straps on each side) that can be used to transport additional clothing, equipment, weapons, tools, tripods and so on. In addition, these straps can be used to regulate the volume of the main compartment of the bag.

Main material of Field Bag "Kuzmitch SGB" - 1000D Cordura. YKK zippers.

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