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Review of PSWP suit in Jaba Prairie by Straszydło Combatientes Desperados (eng.) - Обзор костюма "PSWP" в Жабе Степной от Straszydło Combatientes Desperados (англ.)


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This is our second meeting with the Ukrainian company Prof 1 Group. Guys don’ t twiddle their thumbs. On the contrary, new ideas seem to pop out each and every week. Along with developing new camouflage patterns, P1G design new garments for different conditions with a focus on those prevailing in vast Ukraine.

During the summer, we had the opportunity to test the Toad Poliova, which proved to be quite an effective camouflage. Despite the relatively bright colors, Toad surprised us and fared quite well compared to other forest camouflage.
P1G also developed a prairie version, which can easily be used during European autumn season. Guys were not sure whether the Toad would be effective in a completely different environment than that for which it was designed. However, our comparative images of the PenCott Badlands and Mutlicam, clearly show that the color of our autumn forests do not differ from the prairie.
I will not even bother to use a semi scientific mumbo jumbo when writing about the properties of Toad Prarie pattern. Everyone sees what it is like and if you want a couple of hires photos, just mail us.

The Toad, once again, proved to be a pretty good promising family of patterns. Gentlemen from P1G-Tac know what the Ukrainian military need. They know the specs of the land where they operate and the problems that the weather can unleash upon a soldier. Under the dictation of these requirements, P1G implemented effective solutions, resulting in a PSWP uniform.

Let’s finish this far too long introduction and focus on the main course of this article. The PSWP or Professional Storm Weather Protector and a baseball cap with overgrowth velcro syndrome, to start off with.

When it comes to a piece like a baseball cap, P1G didn’t come up with anything new. Robust visor, decent sewing ( could be better), velcros here and there and an adjustable strap. But still they need to learn in order to match, e.g. NFM.
There’s a shitload of space for our patches. It looks quite interesting, however, carries with it certain consequences. Well cap is not too breezy. Give and take.

Personally, I think this amounts for the triumph of form over substance. I’d replace the side velcro panels with a breathable mesh material or mesh. This would increase the cap’s breathablility, while keeping the P1G touch. The top panel is ideally suited for attaching light type v-lite or manta. Head adjustment strap is also finished with velcro. It’s a bit short for a nametape but would take any small cat’s eyes.

A very nice feature is a string finished with a clip, thanks to which we attach our hat to a jacket preventing the loss. This is the first time I’ve seen such a solution and I am particularly happy with it. When it is too hot, you can remove the cap and leave it hanging freely.

Execution is at a good level, a bit lower than Helikon’s Greenzone caps. Could be better, but it won’t fall apart from looking at it. As I mentioned earlier, a definite downside is the excess of velcro. Well, unless you want to look like a tacticool christmas tree.
The PSWP or Professional Storm Weather Protector.
According to the manufacturer it is clothing for a transitional period, when the weather conditions are unfavorable and one could use some extra protection from the rain and wind. PSWP is ment to provide this kind of protection.

The jacket and pants are made of the same material, which has two layers of different fabric. The outer element is made of ripstop weave fabric (65/35 in favor of cotton) treated with something in the style of DWR.

Underneath we have Reiss water and windproof membrane straight from Korea. At least this is what I could google about it. Additionally. I am not able to give any data concerning the fabric, but for sure it is not the most breathable membrane on the market.
We didn’t have enough time and opportunities to be able to test PSWP in a variety of weather conditions, with particular emphasis on those harsh. Time will tell. At present, I can confidently say that it nicely blocked Mazurian wind but had a problem with breathability. Sweat tends to condense on the inside of the garment, and this applies to both, trousers and jacket.

Somehow, the performence of the set is higher than the cap. It’s obvious that P1G outsourced it to another company, which far more experienced. Seams are better, doubled in tear prone places. Such tactical gold standard, without which there can be no good clothes.
The pants resemble Leo’s KSK ones. Perhaps because of the characteristic thigh straps, which serve as collateral security for the contents of the cargo pockets. The straps are made of polyamide and look solid. Buckles too, although I could not dig out the producer.

The pants have 6 pockets. Two side cargo, two rear and two front. The front ones are a bit shallow so I wouldn’t recommend keeping any valuables there.
The back pocket is a standard size, and I could easily fit my hand. Perfect to carry a wallet as it has a flap closed by a button.

Side pockets are pretty big. Like…really huge.

The opening can be additionaly secured by a cord. Just draw it. We shouldn’t forget the buttons too. With these two types of closure, our belonging are safe.

The waist has 7 loops, where any belt with a width of 60mm or less, can fit. In addition, the second right loop has D-ring just next to the pocket. Great place to put your lanyard.

If adjusting the waist using the belt is not enough, you can also use the drawstring on the inside. I’m just waiting for the opportune moment to get rid of it.

Leg cuffs are adjustable be a simple strap, just like in any other bdu style pants. Such solution is a bitch when wearing gloves.

Our family jewels can be entered via a door protected by a YKK zipper and a button, the same as in the rear and side pockets.

Despite the sizing problem, the pants are quite comfortable. My PSWP set is LR, which corresponds to US sizing. Nevertheless, pants’ thighs are much tighter than the ones in the Poliova version. Close, but different , a few mm difference causes the PSWP pants fall worse. On the other hand, it is the specificity of my thighs. Let’s say they are much more muscular than needed.
The Jacket.
At first glance, one can notice the resemblance of P1G’s jacket to smock. I’m not a fan of this design, for the simple reason that I haven’t had an opportunity to get used to it. But people might change.

As previously mentioned, the material from which the jacket is made is the same as the one in the trousers. Therefore, without unnecessary mumbling, let’s move on to discuss the design.
The jacket has 11 pockets. Quite a few, and none of them is at the back, which always annoyed me in German KSK smocks. But do not kill me for ignorance on this topic. Somehow I never gave a bat’s eye about this design.

There are four double pockets at the front. The outer ones have buttoned flaps, which have an extra strap that, when folded, „seals” pocket and provides better protection of the content.

In addition, each pocket has a second zippered one, accessible from a different point. Chest pockets have the zipper on the inner part, and those on the stomach, the outer. Although the pockets are sewn one on the other, they are separate, so the content of each will never jumble up.

Shoulders are equipped with zippered pockets, with the capacity similar to any other shoulder pockets.

In addition, we get a camouflaged patch to cover the velcro. If need be.

The eleventh is the inner pocket. It is located on the left side and has a zipper.

The jacket has a two-way robust YKK zipper. Additionally, the jacket has a button and velcro flap closure .

A real smock like jacket could exist without a set of waist and bottom adjusting strings. By setting, we can reduce or increase air circulation, which, with the average breathability can be beneficial in a more aerobic conditions. Additional armpits two-way zippers provide air circulation. Unfortunately, it does not have a mesh that could protects against the ingress of unwanted guests under the jacket. (I’m an ass, as I forgot to take photo)

Over the chest pockets we have panels for a nametape or any other swag

The hood is large enough to fit a helmet underneath but it cannot be detached.

Hood size can be changed by adjusting the length of a velcroed strap at the back . I am not convinced with the solution.

Apart from the size, we can also customize the hood opening. This is done by pulling the cord located on the outer side of the hood, right at the peak. Speaking of the roof, a soft wire has been sewn to enhance stability.

The cuffs are adjustable. Simple and short strip of Velcro.

Both,the jacket and pants, can take knee and elbow inserts, which are not included in the set.

I have some reservations about the size. From the jacket I have the same problem as with trousers. It’s LR apparently but a bit smaller. So if you normally wear L, and PSWP would serve as an outer layer you should get XL.
As a regular set PSWP will certainly provide a great protection against the wind and rain. Despite the size, it’s good to wear.
Multiple pockets provide plenty of room to carry stuff. And the camouflage, does it’s job well.